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Primary School Teacher

We are looking for an energetic, patient, hardworking individual with fluency in English and Kannada for the post of a Primary School Teacher.

The Primary School Teacher's responsibilities include designing and conducting lessons that advance students' social and educational abilities. You should also be able to mediate disputes between students. To ensure success as a Primary School Teacher, you should be flexible and supportive as students learn to navigate the world around them. Ultimately, to establish meaningful relationships with each student's family to better understand their needs.

Primary School Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Preparing and presenting lessons that facilitate students' cognitive, social, and emotional development.

  • Ensuring that you have sufficient classroom supplies at all times.

  • Creating a learning environment that is safe and nurturing.

  • Supervising children during lessons, mealtime, and on the playground.

  • Assisting students to resolve conflict with others.

  • Monitoring and notifying caregivers of students' progress.

  • Notifying the Department Head and caregivers of accidents or other noteworthy incidents that occur while students are under your supervision.

  • Attending meetings with staff and caregivers, as required.

  • Accompanying students on field trips, as needed.

Primary School Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in education, preferably with a focus on early childhood development.

  • Proven experience working with young children, ideally in a similar role.

  • Physically fit and able to stand for long periods.

  • Excellent organisational and problem-solving skills.

  • Energetic, nurturing, and flexible disposition.

  • Ability to work during evenings and on weekends, as needed.

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