CJHS is looking for a Physical Education Instructor

Job description

Education Qualification- Degree/Masters in Physical Education

  • Encourage teamwork as to set collective and personal development goals

  • Ensure accommodations and modifications are made for the growth and development of all students

  • Ensure that the physical education environment is clean, safe and constructive for all students

  • Arrange and perform all crucial physical educational activities.

  • Prepare and record all physical educational activities.

  • Analyse entire physical educational activities along with students.

  • Perform with academic teacher as well as clinical staff to identify adaptive physical educational requirements of children.

  • Participate in entire in-service training.

  • Evaluate every student s physical abilities by informal testing.

  • Plan different recreational activities important for growth of students.

  • Ensure records related objectives are addressed and share information with Occupational Therapist for reports conclusion.

  • Interact with various teachers to prepare and organise interdisciplinary lessons.

  • Ensure to model strict behaviour management related strategies.

  • Instruct or inform students individually else in groups.

  • Establish precise objectives for every lesson, unit and project.

  • Interact with parents and guardians as required.

  • Stimulate administration policies and rules related to physical education.

  • Analyse student behaviour and performance.