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Batch of 2021

Over a year ago, the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. Something we never thought we’d experience in our lifetime.

Reacting to the situation, schools at every level were sent scrambling. Institutions across the world switched to virtual learning, with teachers and students quickly adapting to an entirely new way of life.

Many parents doubted the ability of schools to be able to successfully educate children using technology. We believe we have put that doubt to rest with the results of the recently held SSLC exams.

Some mentions:

Priyadarshini N - 625/625 State 1st Rank

Pranathi R N. - 623/625

Sagarika D S - 623/625

Vaishakh Pavan Ganesh R - 623/625

Vishwas Gowda R - 623/625

Yashwanth B R - 623/625

Out of a total 94 students from Carmel Jyothi High School who attempted the SSLC examination:

85 students secured distinctions

9 students secured a first class

A phenomenal performance by all our students!

We would once again like to thank all the students, teachers and parents for having confidence in our abilities and supporting us through these difficult times.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

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