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Adapting to online teaching during the COVID-19 school closure

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

As part of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, schools in India were closed in March 2020. Although schools began partially re-opening in recent months, far-reaching restrictions remain in place, and any prediction as to when closures will end completely seems to be hardly possible at the moment. Consequently, teachers face significant challenges in adapting to online teaching, and maintaining at least a minimum of communication with students and supporting students’ learning and development. However, the extent to which teachers have successfully mastered these challenges and which factors are most relevant are yet to be ascertained.

At Carmel Jyothi High School, we have tried to close the learning gap caused by the pandemic by quickly adopting an online learning framework. The framework we put together in April 2020 involved:

  • Holding live lessons through ZOOM meetings, delivered by digitising the entire study material.

  • Creating videos for the primary students to re-enforce the basics.

  • Implementing an in-house LMS to ascertain the learning through online testing using any available device.

  • Keeping our teachers phone lines open for students who needed personal attention.

We were able to provide a very personalised learning experience for the students. Obviously, online learning can never completely replace classroom learning, but we are happy to say that we are taking rapid strides towards what we feel is the right direction.

We would like to thank our parents for all the support they have extended to us during these trying times. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our teachers for braving all the financial and technical hurdles in making sure the students felt comfortable and confident during the learning sessions.

With the support of our parents and staff we continue to make focussed progress towards ensuring continuous education for our students.

Warm regards,

The Management Team @ CJHS

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