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  • The school library is well equipped with teachers reference book.

  • Students of all the classes are encouraged to use these books.

  • Every year new books are added to the library.



Lab Facilities

  • A well equipped, Computer Lab, Science Lab.




  • A huge auditorium with LCD, OHP, side projector, speaker and mikes are available for lectures, music, dance and other cultural activities.

  • Department meetings are also held at frequent intervals.



First Aid Treatment and Medical Examination

  • The institution has a health centre to promote the well being of the children.

  • Parents who are doctors visit the school and conduct medical examination of the students periodically.



Class Room

  • The class rooms are provided with adequate number of benches to accommodate the students.

  • CCTV Camera surveillance is available for the entire building.

  • Each class room has a CC TV Camera.

  • New desks have been provided.

  • Each class room is equipped with Smart TV’s.



Child Safety

  • CCTV Camera surveillance is available for the entire building.

  • Fire Extinguisher.

  • Stairs and Grills.

  • Suggestion Box.



Security and Housekeeping

  • Security for the premises is updated from time to time.

  • Parking facility is provided for the students and staff members.

  • Housekeeping personnel for cleaning the premises.

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